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Housekeeping – Action Requested

Technology is a beautiful thing.  Until it isn’t. In my hiatus from writing this blog Google stopped supporting Feedburner – the tool used to distribute my postings magically to your mail box. ...

Loving Good Enough, Part 2

I’ve been reflecting more about perfectionism and busyness since my last post. Perfectionism is how we protect against the unwanted, unexpected, and uncomfortable that we don’t want to deal with or are afraid...

Loving Good Enough

I am a recovering list maker. Once upon a time I took great pleasure in making lengthy lists. I drew cute little boxes next to each item. There was always something else to do so the list never reached...

Listening In

Listen Not as a stranger Listen Belong to solitudes Green Wisdom Remember me?...

Something’s Workin’ Me

Something’s workin’ me Silent Subtle Deep Elusive or unfolding? Be still and know … Trust… That more will be revealed in its own time and in its own way That I am fully equipped to meet whatever...

Go Back to 1st

  My daughter is learning to drive a stick shift.  Remember that?  That hair-rising time while you’re learning to choreograph two feet and three pedals certain that you’re never going to get it....
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