Creativity for the Rest of Us

Good Vibrations

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” is one of Einstein’s more popular quotes. The quote, often referred to when talking about creativity and innovation, calls...

Be the Light

After a recent program in Florida, a group of us went swimming in the ocean at midnight. The safety of the group allowed me to relax into swimming in the darkness. We were in the cycle of a new moon and it...

The Fire of Vision

I’m a big believer in vision. Since my early twenties when I first learned I had a choice and the power to effect the outcome of my life, having a vision to work towards has energized me. I’ve accomplished...

As I Walk with Gratitude

As I Walk With Gratitude As I walk, as I walk The universe is walking with me In gratitude it walks before me In gratitude it walks behind me In gratitude it walks below me In gratitude it walks above me...

Slow Work

The Slow Food movement began in Italy in 1986 as a protest against McDonalds moving into Rome. Slow Food emphasizes local production and sourcing of ingredients, mindfulness in preparation, and community...

In the Steps of the Ancestors –...

Last weekend I participated in the Way of the Teacher – the concluding weekend in the four part, yearlong series of the new Four Directions program. Developed by Patrick O’Neill – long time student,...
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Focus Talk - Life is a Verb Camp

What Do We Give Our Voice To?



An Emergence Retreat for the New Year - January 15-17, 2016

Women at the Well meet the Wells of Ireland May 2016

With more workshops in development including a retreat on the East Coast. Contact us for more info or to bring Mary to you.

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