Creativity for the Rest of Us

Me first. You second. With love.

In a talk I heard recently, the speaker referenced the often-used biblical quote: Love your neighbor as yourself. It struck me in a way it hadn’t before that this principle starts with the fundamental...

Into the Well

The words Women at the Well came to me as a whisper. I accepted gratefully as they danced their way into the title of a new program I was noodling on. Re-entering the world of work from cancer treatment, I...

Nurturing Health for the Holidays

Christmas (and other highly social activity driven holidays) takes a lot of emotional and physical energy. Even if we don’t celebrate, we are surrounded by the collective frenzy. The tendency is to neglect...

Asking for Help

  Why is it so hard to ask for help? When it’s offered many of us have a reflexive response to decline outright. Some of it stems from being raised in a culture of fierce independence, keeping up...

The Great Silence

  She’s 4, almost 5, years old. Dirty face and uncombed hair, she sits in the shadows – arms cradling knees held tightly to her chest. She doesn’t make much eye contact. She was slow to communicate. We...

Gratitude for You

In this season of gratitude, it is rare to spend much time reflecting on what we are grateful for about ourselves. We will include thanks for good health but don’t often go deeper into appreciating who we are...
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WOMEN at the WELL - A New Year's Retreat

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New Program! Women at the Well – A restorative retreat for women to relax, reflect, and renew Come to the Well