Creativity for the Rest of Us

Lovin’ those Constraints

In the Creative Habit, Twyla Tharp tells of two of experiences in her vast repertoire of brilliant choreography that are a sharp lesson in appreciating creative constraints. In the first she was given unlimited resources:  any dancer she wanted  from the New York City Ballet – some of the best dancers in the world, all the rehearsal time she needed, and whatever musicians she wanted.  To sum up a good story: “…it’s...

Find Your Own Way

When our daughter was young it was agony getting ready for school in the morning. Dawdle and distraction were constant playmates.  I wish I could say I was the picture of the cool, calm and collected parent but many days the sight of my hair standing on end would indicate otherwise. One such morning after the endless refrains of:  “Grace, are you dressed yet?”, I went to see for myself.  Charging down the hallway,...

Follow the Juice

    There are times in our lives when we feel stuck, bored, or uninspired. We know we want something different but don’t know how to get it.   We spend lots of time hanging out in our minds trying to figure out either what’s causing the dis-ease or the fastest way to be relieved of it.  It isn’t useful to wait around for a nice, inspiring epiphany to fall into your lap.  The issue is we’re not feeling any...
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