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Nurturing Health for the Holidays

Christmas (and other highly social activity driven holidays) takes a lot of emotional and physical energy. Even if we don’t celebrate, we are surrounded by the collective frenzy. The tendency is to neglect our own self-care. We eat in ways we don’t normally eat, skip exercise, forgo meditating and other personal practices, and generally put ourselves further down on the list of things to attend to. Although we may...

Asking for Help

  Why is it so hard to ask for help? When it’s offered many of us have a reflexive response to decline outright. Some of it stems from being raised in a culture of fierce independence, keeping up appearances, protecting our feelings, and unhealthy pride. We’ve inherited a litany of old beliefs along the way to justify not asking for help: we’ll look needy, weak or incapable we’ll owe them something in return...

The Great Silence

  She’s 4, almost 5, years old. Dirty face and uncombed hair, she sits in the shadows – arms cradling knees held tightly to her chest. She doesn’t make much eye contact. She was slow to communicate. We got acquainted by drawing together. She likes to draw with colors and play outside. Robin Hood is her favorite because he lives in a forest, shoots a bow and arrows, and fights mean people. She’d like to live in...
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