Creativity for the Rest of Us

Letting Go of the Precious Parts

In a conversation in my women’s circle we were exploring our various issues with clutter. The need to clear out the old to make room for the new, to simplify in order to find clarity, and to create space in the day for silence and reflection are familiar topics. I have written about this before. What I found as we continued deeper into the conversation was a pocket that I was still protecting. My precious part when...

Me first. You second. With love.

In a talk I heard recently, the speaker referenced the often-used biblical quote: Love your neighbor as yourself. It struck me in a way it hadn’t before that this principle starts with the fundamental assumption that you love yourself. From my observation, we have work to do. Many of us are quick to rush in to advise, fix, and rescue our neighbors (partners, friends, children) all in the name of loving them. We...
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