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Freshen Up

  Spring. The eternally hopeful season where the landscape that a few short weeks ago was bare and grey is now flush with growth and color. Green is the color of the day. The air is fresh, color is exploding everywhere, and the birds are busy. In many traditions this is the time for cleaning up and clearing out. Pruning the old and dead to make way for the new. This is also true of daily practice. In my...

Surrender, Mary

I struggled this week with writing a post. I call it struggling as it has some familiar qualities to other times I’ve struggled. The words aren’t coming. I don’t have a good topic. I can’t get into the flow. Yada yada yada. As I sit here in the dark, not even dawn yet (thanks to daylight savings time), the truth comes out. I’m not struggling, I’m avoiding. The irony that I’ve been working with surrender this month...

The Sacrament of the Present Moment

Sometimes it takes me what seems like forever to actually dive into a creative project, life change or new habit that has been nudging away to get my attention. I get caught up in a spin of how to start, what the result will look like, how it will be when I’ve achieved what I want – with all the pros and cons that clutter up the back seat as they tag along for the ride. I often find myself future tripping when I...
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