Creativity for the Rest of Us

Back to the Future

In her 20’s all one of my dearest friends wanted in life was to drink beer and work in a record store. Forty years later, she’s a serious coffee aficionado who produces high-end sound equipment for the music industry. Her path was circuitous. It may have felt random and aimless at times from outside observers and even to her. Yet swap out beer for coffee and records for mixing boards and her vision has been...

Who Am I, Really?

  As we hit adolescence it’s critical to our development to individuate from our parents and find our own identity. This can be a painful process if what we want doesn’t mesh with what’s expected of us. We can take on hurts we’ve suffered or inflicted on others and traumas we’ve endured as parts of our identity. It’s also a rich and exciting time to experiment and develop our own identity. We use identity to...
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