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The Spiritual Side of Entrepreneurship

When I started my business almost twenty years ago self-employed was a term considered a tad more professional than freelancer. Entrepreneur was barely in the lexicon. It wasn’t even that I intentionally set out to start a business per se. It was more like fleeing for my life – jumping ship from the corporate freighter into my own dinghy named freedom. These days I’m called a solopreneur, which Urban...

In Praise of Integration

In my last post, Release, Receive, Return, I wrote about the experience of initiation. A pivotal stage of initiation is the process of integration that comes when we have moved through the experience but haven’t yet made sense of it for ourselves. Integration is the ability to incorporate the learning from an experience and demonstrate it through a new way of being for the benefit of ourselves and our...

Release, Receive, Return

Initiation is the ancient term for what today we call transitions. In ancient times initiations were ritualized and we would be mentored through them by elders and wisdom keepers. Today, unfortunately, we are mostly on our own. Initiations often come on suddenly – through an accident, diagnosis, outside circumstance, death, or as the result of the initiation of a loved one that has a direct impact on us. Other...
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