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In the Steps of the Ancestors

Most of us know Halloween as the time of year for carving pumpkins, kids (young and old) in costumes and lots of candy around to enjoy or tempt us, depending on the relationship we have with sugar. This is the time of year that the Christian traditions celebrate All Saints and All Souls. Living in San Francisco, it’s hard to miss Dia de Muertos – and I wouldn’t want to – a lively celebration that includes parades,...

Coming Out of Hiding

In high school I was so afraid to speak in front of people that I badgered Sister Petronella into letting me drop public speaking (a required course) and take an elective instead. I withdrew from theater appreciation class in college when I read on the syllabus that our course work required performing a scene in front of the class. In my first real office job, I called in sick the day my boss asked me to present a...


I’m just finding my feet again after two back-to-back retreats. The first was a heart opening experience at Mending in the Mountains – a retreat for women who have experienced cancer. The second was Patti Digh’s Life Is A Verb Camp – a summer camp for adults focused on creativity, courage, community, and compassion. They both took place in beautiful, natural surroundings – a Montana ranch just west of...
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