Creativity for the Rest of Us

Be the Light

After a recent program in Florida, a group of us went swimming in the ocean at midnight. The safety of the group allowed me to relax into swimming in the darkness. We were in the cycle of a new moon and it was very, very dark. Stepping into the shallow surf, I looked down to see a shower of tiny lights in my wake. As I submerged and began to slowly swim through the water, fireflies shot out the tips of my fingers....

The Fire of Vision

I’m a big believer in vision. Since my early twenties when I first learned I had a choice and the power to effect the outcome of my life, having a vision to work towards has energized me. I’ve accomplished many of the things I set out to do and changed course on others. Surprises were incorporated and obstacles overcome. The really fun part was getting out of the way to let the Mystery do its thing as I learned...
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