Creativity for the Rest of Us

DeMaskifying: Being Real

photo by Michele Feher I start a new project by plucking my eyebrows. Working from home makes this not quite as peculiar a ritual as if I were in an office working among other people. We all have our little (or not so little) idiosyncrasies that are the beauty of what make us who we are. Sharing about my eyebrow ritual is a harmless example of the opportunity we can create for others when we tell the truth about...

Good Vibrations

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” is one of Einstein’s more popular quotes. The quote, often referred to when talking about creativity and innovation, calls out the shift required when we desire for something in our life to be different than it is now. It can be a shift in thinking, mindset, attitude, or behavior. Whatever we call it, it requires a different energy,...
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