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I am a speaker, teacher, writer, and artist working at the convergence of self-care, spirituality, and self-expression.

I am also know as a Creative Conspirator – inciter of whatever makes you come alive, an excavator of buried gifts and talents, a fresh breeze that fans the smoldering embers of abandoned creativity.

My experience comes from an early and misguided attempt in life to “stay between the lines.” Then, in my mid-thirties, I set out to create a life where I could fully be myself, all the time and everywhere I went. Twenty or so years later, I declare victory!

Along the way I have been blessed with a voracious appetite for learning, insatiable curiosity, great teachers, mentors and clients, and a gift for moving creative insight into action to create a life of unapologetic joy.

I hope this blog will spark you to fall passionately in love with your own creativity and put it to use – living a life filled with heart, humor and purpose.

To read more on my professional path that led me here, please visit my website.

Tracking the Wisdom

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