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Be the Light


After a recent program in Florida, a group of us went swimming in the ocean at midnight. The safety of the group allowed me to relax into swimming in the darkness. We were in the cycle of a new moon and it was very, very dark.

Stepping into the shallow surf, I looked down to see a shower of tiny lights in my wake. As I submerged and began to slowly swim through the water, fireflies shot out the tips of my fingers. Each stroke produced a mini fireworks display, quite literally, at my fingertips. It was SO cool!

I came to learn I was swimming in a bioluminescent wave – a living light show – containing phytoplankton that emit bursts of light when agitated. The feedback was instant – no light if I stopped moving, brilliance when I moved forward. It was a phosphorescent light switch requiring my participation to activate.

This week is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere – the longest night and shortest day of the year – when many traditions celebrate the return of the light.

This causes me to wonder if as a society, are we in the midst of our own Winter Solstice? There is so much apparent darkness in the world – everywhere we look. Many feel powerless to affect change in the face of so much pain and misuse of power. We can become paralyzed or resigned to a sense of powerlessness; this is just the way it is.

I am reminded of a story told by a spiritual master when he was asked about all the darkness, despair, and pain in the world. He spoke of new light and awareness emerging on the planet that allows us to see more of the darkness that still needs to be healed. He compared this to an old warehouse that has been lit by a lone, dim bulb. When many bulbs of a higher wattage replace the dim, all of the shadows and dark corners that couldn’t be seen before are now illuminated. Injustice, corruption, abuse, and suffering have always been here we just couldn’t, or weren’t willing to, see it. This is the work now calling to be healed both in the world and in us – to face our shadows, heal the divides and duality, and come back to wholeness.

Awareness is rising. Despite what we see on the news, the new is emerging and change is happening. Just as the light of the sun now begins its transit to shining longer and brighter, we are called to bring our light to these times – to be beacons for one another and the planet.

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. – Albert Schweitzer

Our planet, countries, businesses, communities, and families are in dire need of more light. Though some are not yet aware, we are all beacons of light. In whatever domain we touch, we bring light. We are having an impact.

In this season of light let’s shine brightly for one another and our precious Mother Earth. May all that is most bright and beautiful in you arise this season and in 2016. Shine on.


With each breath, breathe in light. Breathe light into the brain, the heart, into all of the organs and systems in the body. Breathe light into your energy body – the field that extends beyond your physical form. Inhale light and exhale light until you sense that a bubble of light surrounds you. Be the light.

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  1. DeAnn says:

    Blessings for this season. I love what you have written here. You are a shining example of peace and light. Thank you for your words. Have a beautiful family and friend time. There is so much good for all of us to share. I am grateful….hopeful….and always thankful.

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