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Something’s Workin’ Me

Something’s workin’ me Silent Subtle Deep Elusive or unfolding? Be still and know … Trust… That more will be revealed in its own time and in its own way That I am fully equipped to meet whatever...

Go Back to 1st

  My daughter is learning to drive a stick shift.  Remember that?  That hair-rising time while you’re learning to choreograph two feet and three pedals certain that you’re never going to get it....

What If I’m Wrong?

                  What if: the nervousness I feel when I’m about to speak isn’t fear? that slightly sickly feeling that accompanies a juicy idea isn’t doubt that...

Lessons From Lazing About

I’m grateful for the luxury of enjoying a lot of time in the garden this summer – now that the fog has cleared.  From outward appearances it looks like I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing.  No books,...

Life is Half a Bowl of Cherries

  Cherries are my partner,  Michele’s, favorite food.  A few years ago I gave her a cherry tree for her birthday.  (Score one for me on the great presents of a lifetime list.) We planted it in what we...

Welcome it All

Many of us have a conditional relationship with ourselves. We focus on what we don’t like and want to change toward some view of being a better person, having a better body or achieving more success in...

Focus Talk - Life is a Verb Camp

What Do We Give Our Voice To?



An Emergence Retreat for the New Year - January 15-17, 2016

Women at the Well meet the Wells of Ireland May 2016

With more workshops in development including a retreat on the East Coast. Contact us for more info or to bring Mary to you.

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